Photography Policy

We encourage visitors to capture and share their visit with personal hand-held devices such as cameras, phones, and tablets.


  • Take candid photos for personal use only
  • Use handheld cameras, cellphones, and tablets
  • Post images from their visits on personal social media sites as long as they are not used for commercial, revenue generating, or sponsorship purposes


  • No staged photography such as multiple poses in the same location, with or without a hired professional photographer
  • No costumes/clothing changes, props, or background permitted
  • Use of tripods, lights, selfie sticks, drones, or other external equipment
  • Sell or publish the images
  • Use the images to promote any outside product or service

Photography must be conducted without disruption to other visitors. Permissions to photograph may be revoked at any time, at staff’s discretion.

If you are interested in scheduling the Museum for a photoshoot, please email [email protected].