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Virtual Adult Group programs

vintage photo of BU Gate Car on elevated track

Relive the experience of traveling through New York City during the early, mid, and late twentieth century! Virtually explore our collection of vintage subway and elevated cars and objects from the archive that share the stories of public transportation. Programs are designed for the unique online format to bring the rich history of New York and public transportation to you, wherever you are.

Tuesdays through Fridays

2:00, 3:00, and 6:30



Moving the Millions

Discover the magnitude and complexity of New York City’s public transportation system by exploring elements of construction, social history, engineering, and impact over time in this introduction to transit history.

Immigration & Transportation

From the immigrant workforce that built the subway system, to transportation’s influence on neighborhood development, the rich history and diversity of New York City comes alive through discussion, photographs, and stories. Join Education Department staff for an online experience to discover the connections between immigration and public transportation through archival images and a virtual tour of the Museum’s vintage train cars.  

Women in Transit

Learn about pioneering women in transit, including those who joined the transit workforce during World War I, became transit police officers in the 1950s, and were the first female subway operators of the 1970s and 80s. Through archival images, stories, and conversation, join Education Department staff online to discover the stories of women who thrived in traditionally male-dominated fields and how these roles have changed over time. 


Investigate the sustainability of public transportation in New York City over time. Explore the transition from horses to subways, updates to meet a growing city and population, the fleet of energy efficient vehicles, and efforts to build a more climate resilient system. Join Education Department staff for an online experience to explore public transit through the lens of sustainability through contemporary and archival images, discussion, and a tour of the Museum’s vintage train cars.  

Historic Court Street Station

The New York Transit Museum has a fascinating and unique history. Court Street Station in downtown Brooklyn, once home to the HH shuttle train, opened in 1936 but closed ten years later due to low ridership. In 1976 the station re-opened as the New York Transit Exhibit, and today is home to the New York Transit Museum, the largest museum in North America devoted to public transportation. Join Education Department staff to discover our decades-long history through archival images, discussion, and a virtual tour. 

Subway Tracks

Explore New York City’s subway system from past to present. Track the history of our complex transit system while also engaging in conversation around how we safely ride the subway today. For adults with developmental disabilities only.

Programs are 45-60 minutes in length via Zoom and are designed for up to 40 participants or households.


$100 for up to 40 unique participants/households.

$50 For Senior Centers and College/University Groups

$50 For Adult Groups with Disabilities for up to 20 unique participants.

Questions? Please contact
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Requests for programs must be made at least two weeks in advance.

For any questions regarding accessibility, please contact [email protected].

Review and download a social narrative to prepare participants for a Virtual Adult Group Program with the New York Transit Museum.