Photography/Video Policy

Visitors are welcome to take personal photographs during their visit to the New York Transit Museum for their own use and enjoyment. For the safety of our historic collection and of all museum visitors, all guests must abide by the Transit Museum’s general rules and photo guidelines. Failure to comply with the following may result in your being denied entry or escorted from Museum property.

Therefore, please adhere to the following guidelines:

• While photography is allowed during your visit, photoshoots, personal or professional, are not currently permitted at the Transit Museum.

• Visitors are permitted to take personal photographs with hand-held cameras only. Guests are encouraged to record memories of their time at the Transit Museum by taking personal photographs. The New York Transit Museum definition of personal photographs does not include any portraits or staged photos for weddings, engagements or holiday photos, social media photo shoots, blog or extensive social media posts.

• Tripods, selfie-sticks, or any other camera-extension devices, professional photographic equipment, video cameras, recording devices, monopods, lights and other such equipment are not permitted without prior written consent from the New York Transit Museum.

• Photographs are for personal use only. Photographs cannot be published, sold, reproduced, transferred, distributed, used for promotional purposes, or otherwise commercially exploited in any manner. The Transit Museum reserves the right to pursue all legal options to redress instances where individuals have used images in any commercial setting (including monetizable Instagram platforms) without prior written consent.

• While the Museum is open to the public, access to areas of the Museum may, including specific subway cars, may not be intentionally or unintentionally restricted. Any individual found to be “reserving” a subway car for a spontaneous photo shoot will be escorted from the Museum without a refund.

• Photography cannot at any time disturb artifacts, exhibits, staff, or fellow visitors.

• Models, costumes, props, and backdrops are not permitted.

• Visitors must- at all times- follow instructions given by Museum personnel. Photographers must move if asked by any staff and may be asked to restrict activities to certain places or times. Permission to photograph may be revoked at any time.

• Violations of the above guidelines and policies may result in your being denied entry or escorted out of the Museum without a refund.